Mmmm mince pies !


It’s not Christmas with out mince pies and a big favourite in our house, probably my favourite treat at Christmas . Not really a lover of Christmas cake find it too rich and heavy but two baby mince pies with a dollop of freshly whipped cream, a very merry Christmas !!!
I usually make my mince meat in October and place in sterilised jars to let the flavours develop and for the fruit to soften and get nice and plump . Good quality dried fruits, fresh spices and lots of booze are very important. Recipe for my mince meat is on my post from Christmas 15′.


I always make mini, petite four sized pies. Varying the toppings. I love frangipane with a few slivers of flaked almonds scattered on top as a garnish and a gorgeous macaroon topping , slightly chewy in texture and very light. I find all pastry is too heavy and a bit bland. Time to start filling your kitchen with those heavenly scents of Christmas , get baking !!!


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