Chicken burger !


I’m always so envious when I see these gorgeous burgers on brioche buns savy passed me in restaurant’s, I unfortunately don’t eat beef or lamb so can never indulge . At home I make chicken burgers and have been told by a very fussy taster that they are nearly better ! He does have to say that or he would literally starve , apron off !!! Try them and see what you think , they are of course leaner so better for you and chicken can take on so many flavours so you can experiment with cajun spices or Indian .

I definitely reccomend getting the brioche buns , the best I have found to date are in m&s and they freeze really well .

Chicken burger with crushed avocado and sweet potato fries .

Makes 4 .

4 brioche buns .

3 large chicken fillets .
2 cloves garlic, grated.
1/2 egg beaten.
1 tblsp Chopped parsley/ coriander
Sea salt, ground black pepper.

1 egg plus little milk whisked.
2 tblsp seasoned flour.
Bread crumbs.

2 tomatoes sliced.
Baby spinach leaves.
Mayo/ketchup or relish.

2 avocados .
Juice 1/2 lime.
1 tsp chopped coriander.

3 sweet potatoes .
Extra virgin olive oil .
Few cloves garlic .
Sprig of Thyme or rosemary.

Method .
To make burgers place chicken fillets , parsley/coriander, garlic and egg in a food processor, blitz. Season well then blitz again for a few seconds . Place in a bowl in fridge to firm for a about 5 mins.
To prepare sweet potato fries , peel potatoes then cut into baton shapes , place on a baking sheet with herb’s and a few garlic cloves. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and season. Place in pre heated oven, 180oc and cook until lightly golden and soft . They can turn quite bitter if they go to dark brown so keep an eye on them. You want them slightly caramelised around the edges !
To finish burgers , shape into burger patties then coat lightly in seasoned flour , then egg and milk mix and lastly fine bread crumbs . Heat some extra virgin olive oil in a pan , cook burgers on each side for about 4 mins depending on thickness .

Remove flesh from avocados , mash lightly with a fork then add finely chopped coriander and season with lime juice and salt . The lime juice will stop it discolouring.

Toast brioche buns lightly then assemble to your liking. Serve with the sweet potato fries and
Devour !!

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One thought on “Chicken burger !

  1. Sounds gorgeous, will give it a go. Your presentation is remarkable. The brioche top bun looks impeccable – can’t imagine mine will look that perfect. This brings ‘burger’ to a whole new level Rachel. Thanks for sharing x