Warm Chocolate tartlet for my valentine !


Every year valentine’s seems to get more and more commercial , roses everywhere , chocolates and trinkets . I always think to show someone or “yourself”your love make them something really decadent and indulgent ! You can’t go wrong with a rich dark chocolate tart. In my catering days this was the dessert that all my clients ordered for their dinner party’s. It looks so elegant when plated and it’s as light as a feather to eat. Made with your best quality dark chocolate and short buttery pastry it’s definetly a winner , sure to melt the heart of any foodie !

This tart needs to be made as individual tartlet’s as it’s mousse like in texture and won’t cut into slices . Loose bottomed tartlet tins are widely available in good cookery stores and I have seen them in Tk max too .


Warm chocolate tartlet.

Sweet short crust pastry.
250g plain flour.
125g very cold butter, cubed.
25g icing sugar.
1 egg, beaten.

Tart mix.
150g dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids.
100g butter melted.
1 egg & 1 yolk.
30g caster sugar.

Pre heat oven 180 oc.
Prepare pastry ahead as it needs to rest for at least 30 mins. Place dry ingredients in a food processor add butter and pulse for a few seconds. Add egg and pulse until just starting to come together stop then and empty onto a clean work surface. Bring together gently with your hands, flatten and wrap in cling film, chill in fridge.
When pastry has chilled , roll out thinly and line lightly greased tins. Place in fridge to chill for about 10 mins.
You need to blind bake the tartlet shells , for small tarts I line the pastry with two layers of cling film then add baking beans or rice. This way you can re use them as they become little sacks as the cling softens with the heat of the oven and hardens after, enclosing the beans !
Bake tarts in pre heated oven for 4-5 mins or until lightly golden around the edges, remove sacks of baking beans and lightly egg wash bases. Return to oven for a further 2 mins or until base is golden and crisp . No soggy bottoms ! Reduceoven temperature to 150 oc.
Meanwhile prepare filling , place egg and yolk in a bowl of a mixer with caster sugar . Whisk up until thick and mousse like. It should hold a trail of the mix. Gently fold in melted butter and cooled melted chocolate.
Place spoon fulls of mix into tartlet shells tapping on work surface gently to level . Bake for 4 mins or until just set on top , they take very little cooking. At this stage they can be served straight away or cooled and reheated for a few mins in oven .

To serve , remove from tin and gently slide off tart base. Place in the centre of serving plate, serve with a little quenelle of vanilla bean ice cream or chanilly cream.



Tips to decorate tart :
Dust all over tart with cocoa and place a vanilla pod on ice cream .
Dust half of tart or across plate with icing sugar .
Place a metal spoon on the side of plate , dust over with cocoa remove spoon leaving a template of spoon ! Bit Cheffy but looks great !

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