Spooky season !

It’s spooky madness in our house, my home has been turned into an advertisement for dealz !!! Skeletons and witches hanging out of windows, spiders left in every cupboard to scare little brother , just waiting now to start carving gowly figures on demand on poor pumpkins! Great fun.

Luckily I still get to create a few nice bits for Mum to admire, I have been collecting Halloween decorations my eldest has made through Montessori and now big school and re create my Christmas tree in scary style. Little paper pumpkins , ghosts with smilie faces !! Spiders and skeletons . Looks great on the hall table and so easy to assemble with a few branches in a tall glass vase.

I also love to hang an Autumn wreath on my front door, the leaves starting to fall at this time of the year are at their most beautiful , an array of reds and rusts waiting to be shown off in a decoration . I also add some rose hips and dries Hyderanges, any thing that you can forage that looks pretty and will dry well .

Spooky monster cookies coming soon !!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Spooky season !

  1. Rachel – inspired and impressed in equal measure. Its 22 degrees in London – I’m yearning for a chilly blast of autumn.