Healthy muffins.

Now that we’re back to school in our house , thankfully !! I’m looking for lunch box and after school treats. These muffins are a great way of getting fruit into little ones, delicious with a cold glass of milk before diving into homework. Equally delicious for Mum with a cup of tea !

I make mine in cup cake cases rather than the larger muffin size, better portion size. Also I don’t have larger muffin tins.

Oat, coconut, pecan & blueberry muffins.

60g plain flour
40g whole meal flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Pinch sea salt
40 g brown sugar
20g dried coconut
50g oats
30 g pecans, chopped
1 tblsp sunflower oil
1 egg, separated
1 banana , mashed
75g blueberries
125ml buttermilk

Pre heat oven 180 oc.
Place all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl , add egg yolk, mashed banana, blueberries, pecans and milk/buttermilk. Mix together gently with a wooden spoon. In a dry bowl , whisk egg whites, fold into batter gently.
Spoon mix into prepared paper cases and bake in pre heated oven for 12-15 mins , until golden. Cool on wire rack.

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