Fish and chips , pea purée .

Who does’nt love fish and chips , delicious fresh fish dipped in delicious batter and fried until golden and crisp . Squeeze of tangy lemon juice and seasoned lightly, absolute heaven. When it’s done well . No heavy soggy batter, dripping in grease! Crisp and light as a feather.
Haddock and monk fish are my two favorites to use.
I have tried lots of different batter recipes and this one is the best , it’s a Jamie Oliver one and it’s mine for keeps !

Fish batter .

110 g plain flour.
1 1/2 tsp baking powder.
Good Pinch sea salt.
Very cold beer.

Method .
Place dry ingredients in a small mixing bowl , when your ready to cook the fish add enough cold beer to bring the batter to a thick coating consistency. It should coat the fish well and not run off .

Tip , lightly flour the fish before you coat it in the batter.
Only add the beer when you are ready to cook the fish, it won’t be light if it stands because the baking powder is activated by the beer once wet.

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