Coffee cake for my valentine !

I don’t really need an excuse to make a cake but as it’s Valentine’s Day this week I thought instead of the normal chocolate explosion we have around us I’d make an espresso coffee cake . It does’nt always have to be about chocolate ! And it happens to be “my” favorite , and oh my valentines too …

I make a coffee sponge flavored with camp and ice with a buttercream flavored with camp and espresso coffee and finished off with a glossy espresso icing. The heart stencil I made with just A4 paper , fold in half , draw 1/2 a heart shape in the middle edge then cut out. Open up and you have the perfect heart stencil .
When the icing is set, place the heart in the center of your cake and dust with lots of icing sugar. You need to do this just before serving as the icing will melt into the espresso icing !!!
Happy valentines ♥️

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