Chicken “ satay style” bake .

It’s unfortunately coming to the end of the school holidays and getting back into our routines, some with dread others not so much . But all good things come to an end and there is mid term to look forward to , or not !!!
Having a few dishes that we can prepare in advance and pop into the oven makes life so much easier on Mum. This satay bake I make quite a lot at the moment and never get tired of it , the flavors are wonderful together and it’s a much lighter alternative to the sauce version . I serve it with wok fried pak Choi and steamed basmati rice.
I use chicken thighs rather than breast as the flavor is richer and takes slow cooking well.

I usually double the recipe for the chicken thighs and freeze one lot marinaded in a freezer bag, this way ready to take out and cook straight away once defrosted.

Chicken “satay style” bake.

Ingredients .

8/10 chicken thighs.
Few coriander stalks.
2 tblsp crunchy peanut butter.
2 soy sauce.
Juice & zest 1 lime.
1 tblsp red curry paste.
1 tsp grated ginger.
2 cloves garlic,grated.
1 tsp dark brown sugar.
1 tblsp sesame oil.
1 can coconut milk.

2 stalks lemon grass, bashed.
Sea salt.

1 red chili , finely sliced.
Bunch coriander leaves.
1 tblsp crushed peanuts.

To serve ,
Pak choi.
Basmati rice.

Firstly prepare marinade , place all of the ingredients in a hand blender and blitz until smooth . Place the chicken thighs in a pladtic freezer bag season with a little sea salt, empty marinade into bag and shake bag distributing the marinade over the thighs . Seal bag and place in fridge for at least 5 hrs, much better flavor if left over night.

To cook chicken, pre heat oven to 170 0c , place a roasting tin in oven and pre heat. Remove chicken thighs from bag and place skin side up on trays. Reserving any marinade left to add after. Place the bashed lemon grass on top of the chicken, cook for about 40 mins. Increase heat to 190 of and cook for a further 5-10 mins to crisp skin , at this stage you can add the excess marinade .
Place on a large platter garnished with the sliced red chili, peanuts and coriander. Serve with wok steamed Pak choi and basmati rice.

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