Gooey “Rolo” brownies.

These brownies are addictive, unfortunately!! So easy to make and a great one to make with your little ones. The key is to use good quality dark chocolate 70% if possible and good cocoa powder . I always use Green & blacks or bournville.
Timing is also key , an over baked brownie is not a brownie , it’s dry cake ! It’s a bit similar to an over baked chocolate fondant. So after about 10 mins in the oven , keep a watch full eye and don’t wander of to another job . They should be just firm on top but soft and gooey underneath , remember they will continue to cook out of the oven .

Gooey “Rolo” brownies.

100g butter.
100g dark chocolate 70%.
65g soft dark brown sugar.
65g vanilla caster sugar.
2 free range eggs.
1 tsp vanilla extract.
65g plain flour,
1 tblsp cocoa.
2 pkts rolo’s, approx 110g, halved.


Pre heat oven to 170oc. Butter and line a rectangular metal tray , 11/7”.

Melt butter and chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Stir until melted, leave to cool.
In an electric mixer beat the eggs and sugars until light, thick and creamy. Add cooled chocolate . Gently combine. Turn off mixer , fold flour and cocoa into mix followed by halved Rolo’s. Don’t over mix. Pour mix into prepared tin , bake in oven for about 15 mins , until just firm to touch and still gooey. Leave to cool before cutting into squares.

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