Christmas wreaths .

It’s time to get the Christmas decorations out of storage and “ deck the the walls and hall’s in holly” my favorite time of year. I like to change my decorations each year but tree stays the same and I always make an oversized wreath full of foraged goodies for the door.

I love making my own Christmas wreath , and giving them as gifts. Most of the foliage can be foraged from your garden or local woods , I dry moss balls during the summer and store them for my wreaths. Pine cones , candy sticks , clementines and cinnamon sticks.

The greenery I like to use are spruce, holly , eucalyptus and literally anything else green I can find in the garden. As a base for the wreath you can purchase a moss or metal ring , purchased on line or any good florists might sell one to you . I found a wonderful web site, Conor Browne wreaths and he sells everything from pine cones to florist wire.
I use a moss base or make a circular base with holly as it’s easy to manipulate, affix it with lots of green florist wire to secure it. Then I just add my foliage, slotting the stems and securing them , working my way around the wreath . Filling any gaps, overlapping sprigs and trimming as needed. I use the florist wire to attach the pine cones and with the clementines I run the wire through the fruit and twist to secure.

When the wreath is fully adorned , I spray the pine cones and moss balls with Christmas scented spray. I like to use a natural colored or red velvet ribbon to hang the wreath on my front door. It’s alot of work but so worth it when your see your beautiful masterpiece hanging proudly from your front door !

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