Butter milk pancakes !

I love Sunday brunch , be it at home or in my favorite other place to be on a Sunday, Strandfield. No one is rushing anywhere and it’s lovely to sit around the table and spend some nice family time , even if ear plugs are a must !!!

Buttermilk pancakes with delicious crispy pancetta is a favorite in our house , especially with the boys . Drizzled with dark , sticky maple syrup . Heaven ! Long walk required after !

These pancakes are a dream to make , the only tips I will give are to rest the batter for 10/15 mins in the fridge to cool the butter in the batter before cooking , this adds to the air bubbles . Making them light and fluffy . The other , is to use a skillet pan or shallow frying pan. Tefal make a great pan and it’s non stick .

To get really crispy bacon you need to buy thin pancetta or streaky bacon . The two I love are m&s thin & crispy bacon smoked , and lidl pancetta .

Buttermilk pancakes .

Ingredients .

10oz plain flour.
1 tsp bic of soda,sifted.
2 tsp baking powder, sifted.
2 tsp vanilla caster sugar.
2 oz melted butter, cooled.
275/300ml Butter milk
2 eggs.


Place all of the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl of jug. Add eggs, melted butter and enough buttermilk to bring mixture to a thick batter , not pouring consistency . More dropping !
Leave the batter to rest for 10/15 mins in a fridge before cooking.
Place large spoon of batter on a hot skillet , when bubbles appear on the surface flip over and cook on the other side until golden . Serve pancakes stacked with crispy pancetta piled on top and drizzled with maple syrup!!

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