Garlic scapes .

Last year I never heard of “ garlic scapes “ now I’m addicted to them ! They are the flowering stem from a garlic bulb and their season is very short.
I am lucky to have them grown just up the road from where I live , at Drummond house garlic in baltray . They grow the most delicious garlic and have now also started growing Irish asparagus . A real treat.

They are not very strong tasting , a bit like wild garlic but sweeter and have the texture of asparagus when cooked .
They are delicious served with fish or grilled meats , so perfect for summer cooking.

I Blanche them first in boiling salted water, just a min is all they need , then into ice cold water. To keep their gorgeous green colour. Then toss in a hot pan with extra virgin olive oil and some butter , season we’ll and serve on a lovely platter and devour . The season is just ending so get to your local vegetable suppliers and seek them out , you won’t be disappointed !!

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