Prawn’s wrapped in Chinese pastry.

When I’m having a gang over I sometimes  prefer to serve canapes instead of a starter, more relaxed and you can have great fun playing with the presentation. These Prawns wrapped in Chinese pastry are delicious and very simple to make ahead. The pastry can be purchased in any Asian food store, normally found in the freezer section. I use this pastry for Indian samosas too .

The little jars are used yoghurt containers I keep , you could also use a shot glass or I also keep the glass containers from used scented candles. Very handy!



Prawns wrapped in Chinese pastry, mango chili and lime salsa, mango remoulade.

Ingredients. serves 5.

1 packet of spring roll sheets

Egg wash

Whole basil or mint leaves

10/20 raw prawns, shelled and de veined

sea salt/ground black pepper


1 small ripe mango

1/2 red chilli, finely chopped

1 tsp sesame oil

Juice 1/2 lime

2 tblsp extra virgin olive oil

chopped fresh mint/coriander



4 tblsp mayo

Few capers

2 tblsp mango trimmings

Squeeze lemon juice


To make remoulade, place mayo, capers and mango in a blender. Season with lemon juice and sea salt. Place in a container and chill.

To prepare prawns, make sure trail has been removed, this is the intestine of the prawn its a thread like tract running the length of the prawn. Season with sea salt and black pepper. Cut sheets in quarter, you can freeze the remainder in batches. Lay about 6 sheets in a line on a clean work surface, egg wash the  end of sheet, place a prawn along length of bottom of sheet, roll tightly and seal at egg washed end, continue this process until all prawns are wrapped. Place them on a plastic tray or plate and store in fridge covered with damp kitchen towel until ready to cook, to prevent them from drying out.

To make salsa, dice mango into tiny pieces, mix with finely chopped chilli and herbs. Add olive oil to loosen and lime juice to taste. Only add herbs before serving, to keep their colour and freshness.

Fry prawns until golden in deep fryer in sunflower oil, 180c. Drain on kitchen paper. To assemble, place a spoon of remoulade in base of glass jar, followed by some of the salsa and two prawns crossed over in jar.

Tip, if you prefer to present the prawns as a starter on a plate, place a spoon of the remoulade in the middle of serving plate, place two prawns  in centre and two going the opposite direction on top. Drizzle salsa nicely around plate .       




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2 thoughts on “Prawn’s wrapped in Chinese pastry.

  1. Cannot wait to have a go at these Rachel, I’ve Chinese “spring roll” pastry as I’d call it in the freezer waiting for such an event!! Thanks, will let you know how delicious they turn out x

    1. Great! let me know how they turn out, there so easy and abs delicious! If you cant get Dublin bay prawns I got fab ones in clogherhead from Spain! x